Zendesk Integration

Zendesk Integration allows you to set a custom Automatic Reply in Business Texter to forward and automatically create a new ticket inside your Zendesk instance.

To setup your Zendesk with Business Texter, click into Business Texter on your Android device.

Click into Settings in Business Texter, and check to turn on 'Advanced Mode', scroll down and click on 'Integration Settings'.

Input your Zendesk ULR (e.g:, your Username (Agent name) and your Password.

Then, head to the Automatic Replies section in Business Texter.

Click into any existing Auto Reply or create a new Custom responder. Then click the 'Options' tab. Scroll down and click on Support Integration:' and select Zendesk. That will enable that particular responder to forward the message and the phone number into Zendesk and create a new ticket.


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