Do some phones limit my ability to send group texts?

Yes, and the answer depends on your version of the Android operating system. The most popular versions of Android are Jelly Bean, Kit Kat & Lollipop (Learn more about Android Operating System versions HERE).

Jelly Bean is the oldest operating system out there for Android phones that will run Business Texter. The limiter on Jelly Bean is set to 60 messages per hour. You can use our Extensions feature inside of Settings to increase this limit.

Kit Kat rolled out in Summer of 2014. The limiter on most Kit Kat phones is set to 30 per minute, or 1,800 per hour.

Lollipop was released in Winter of 2014. The limiter on Lollipop phones is also set to 30 per minute or 1,800 per hour.


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